Evaluation of our location de ski service

All the customers are contacted by e-mail a few days after the end of their stay


Percentage obtained by the number of satisfied customers throughout the comments filed (10).
Either satisfied 7 on 10 reviews.

Sportrent 1500       

Good friendly service. very pleased with the quality of the skis that i hired and the mini service performed on my partner’s snowboard. good value for money.

Sportrent 1350       

The staff was very professional and super nice! helped me with everything i needed, and prices was good as well i'm very happy with this experience

Sportrent 1400       

Good equipment; great service. well done!

Sportrent 1400       

super équipe merci

Sportrent 1400       

All good

Sportrent 1400       

Pleasant rental experience, but had to change skis after the first day. i sent an e-mail before renting skis asking for a ski close to stöckli laser sx. i was recommended völkl racetiger gs, so i requested this upon reservation with 170 cm length and when renting i got a pair of 185 cm völkl racetiger gs20. great skis, but with a turn radius of 20 m, the laser sx has a turn radius of 11,6 m. so not really what i wanted :). went back after a day of skiing and ended up with a pair of völkl deacon which were great. so a better recommendation for next time.

Sportrent 1400       

Very happy with the service, friendly staff, good equipment and lovely hot chocolate! thanks